MBC Church Membership

Once you've decided to make MBC your spiritual home, we would encourage you to think about membership.

A distinctive practice in Baptist churches is that key decisions about church life are made collectively, by the church members at a members' meeting.  So, like all Baptist churches, MBC has a formal membership. Membership is not automatic. You need to apply to become a member.

It's the members of the church, through the church meetings ("Shaping MBC"), who make the big decisions about church life and policy, including appointing the Minister, electing the church Leadership Team and approving the annual budget. More than that, "Shaping MBC" meetings are times when we can hear each other's views and pray together - collectively discerning the will of God through the comments and insights of individual church members.

We hold regular "Newcomers' Lunches" and "Discovering Church Membership" courses.  To make sure you're invited to the next one, please contact our minister, Steve Thomson.

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