Global Action Team

Global Action Team

MBC's Global Action Team (GAT) is responsible for ensuring that local and worldwide mission is one of MBC's priorities, for encouraging prayer for local and worldwide mission, and for allocating part of MBC's budget to mission causes.

Local mission initiatives supported by MBC include The Door Youth Project, Marah, Stroud District Foodbank and Webnet's Mission through Ministry.

A major worldwide mission initiative supported by MBC is Operation Restoration's ministry to street adolescents in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  MBC also supports Tearfund, a major Christian relief agency.

That's not the whole story, because MBC also supports initiatives by BMS World Mission and Open Doors which are too sensitive to mention online.

Do you have a question about the local and worldwide mission initiatives supported by MBC?  Ian will be more than happy to respond to your emailed enquiry.

Learn about how MBC is helping street children in Bolivia: download the brochure and standing order form.
Ian Williams

GAT is led by Ian Williams.