Sunday Worship at MBC

Sunday worship at MBC is a time to enjoy God's presence and learn from him.

We begin the day with "Together@10", which is followed by refreshments and then a choice of activities from 10.50 am to 12 noon, including groups for pre-school children and school age children, activities for our teenagers, and "Word & Worship" for adults.  Whichever activity you choose to attend, you'll find a warm MBC welcome.

A lot of different people work behind the scenes to make this happen.  Worship leaders and preachers, singers and musicians, our prayer ministry team, our technicians, welcome team and caterers.

At certain times of the year (Christmas, Easter Sunday, Remembrance Sunday and during the school summer holidays) we may hold an extended "Together@10" service in the place of additional activities at 11.00 am.  And, on the first Sunday of each month, to release resources for our Missional Communities, we don't hold a "Together@10" service. Please check the website calendar for details.

Hub map  Satnav?  MBC is GL6 9JH and The Hub is GL6 9JJ.