"Missional Sundays" at MBC

On the first Sunday of each month in 2017 we will be dealing with one of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20).  To release resources for our Missional Communities, there will be no 10 am service or refreshments at The Hub, just the “Word & Worship“ service downstairs at Tetbury Street at 11 am.  Our Missional Communities will be invited to follow the same teaching programme.

January 1st – First commandment (communion)
February 5th – Second commandment
March 5th – Third commandment
April 2nd – Fourth commandment
May 7th – Fifth commandment (communion)
June 4th – Sixth commandment
July 2nd – Seventh commandment
September 3rd - Eighth commandment
October 1st - Ninth commandment (communion)
November 5th - Tenth commandment

“Through the ten plagues, God got his people out of slavery. Through the ten commandments, God got slavery out of his people.”  Brian McLaren

Please click here to find the PowerPoint presentations and audio recordings of the sermons.